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Deep Talent Search

Connect and Inspire Talent with Opportunities.


Three Elements for Successful Startups


Deep Talent Search

We dig deeper into each focused domain and their talent distribution to provide rigorous and accurate talent matching services to more than 70 clients worldwide.

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VC Investment

Less unknowns, less risks. With a deep understanding of AI industry and company business strategy, TalentSeer aims to help all the start-up companies to get investments at an early stage.

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Leadership Training

We deliver business, leadership, entrepreneur training to boost candidate's professional development and maximize their career competencies by

about us

Story of TalentSeer

Founded in 2015 by an active investor in the AI field, Alex Ren, which is also the Managing Partner @ BoomingStar Ventures, TalentSeer believes these three fundamentals are into success: Talent, Capital, Strategy. With good talent, you would build everything; with enough capital, you can scale to anywhere; with provident strategy, you can be efficient and quick to success.

"Selecting a right business model is crucial to a young startup. Luckily, we found our purpose along the way, which is the intersection of 4 factors: what we love, what the world needs, what we do well, and what the world will pay for. "

- Alex Ren

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Deep Talent Search

We are the catalyst to your success!

Recruiting Fast

Talent is your Top 1 element to success! We help you recruiting better, faster and smarter -- not counting the hundreds of hours your sourcing candidates yourself, -- simply deliver the best candidates and walk you through the chasm.

All-embracing Services

We strive to provide talents with opportunities all over the world by building up a consistent training plan including business insights, leadership, entrepreneurship and so on.

Tremendous Talent Pool

As the largest AI-focused professional career development platform in the U.S., TalentSeer is connected to more than 110,000 researchers and engineers. With such diversified faculty network, the largest AI-talent database, as well as a growing network of specialized business partners, we are the ideal team to take on your company's recruiting challenges.

What we do

Our Deliverables

Talent Acquisition Service

Our team mainly focused on recruiting for high-tech companies, including Autonomous Driving, NLP, Medical Image, Robotics, Cloud Computing and more.

Executive Search

Our executive search group provides a tailor-made solution to help clients build exceptional leadership teams, focusing on all C-Suite executives, VP-level roles and more.

Market Research

Our market research is a customized solution for clients to have a comprehensive understanding of industry talent distribution, in order to find the ideal candidate or plan ahead for future potential positions.


We Craft The Future.

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What Clients Said About Us

The flexibility of its HR service brings tremendous value for growing company and its robust network in both talent and investment field promote partnerships and resource sharing within its network.

crystal tang
LUCI, executive vp

TalentSeer has the domain knowledge necessary to provide the clients the source of candidates, they also understand the needs  to further narrow down the candidate list. TalentSeer is a great partner for  growing your team effectively and quickly.

Robert zhang
CloudMinds, Cofounder, President & CEO of US Office
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