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AI Talent Recruiting: Facts


Surging Talent Demand

The AI market is expected to reach $16.06 billion by 2022 with a 63% annual growth rate. U.S. companies invested a total of $1.35 billion in AI talent in 2017 and keep expanding the budget every year.


3X Demand-Supply Gap

Qualified AI talent fall behind the speed of technology transformation. Current AI-related job postings are three times that of job searches and the divergence is still increasing. The competition for top AI talent can only get more fierce.


Challenging Acquisition

Desired candidates often receive multiple offers with salary requirements ramping up. Most recruiters lack the knowledge base to successfully identify, communicate with, and convince top candidates. 

Our Approach

Redefine Talent Recruitment

TalentSeer was founded in 2015 by Alex Ren, an active investor in the AI space with extensive experience in enterprise sales and business management. Alex is a thought leader in AI commercialization, startup, career development and business strategy with a readership of 1M.

The " 3 I " Recruiting Mindsets

Information-based Recruiting:
Simply reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn and informing them about the positions and employers is common practice, but it is not sufficient to convert today’s top AI talent.

Insight-based Recruiting: Providing insights on the industry, technology, and talent market will help candidates to better position employers in the business landscape and plan for their career development.

Influence-based Recruiting: Going beyond one-on-one conversations to sharing insights through targeted social media and events will generate a much larger impact on candidates.

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Strong AI Domain Knowledge

We understand AI. Our technical recruiters are regularly trained on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its application in a variety of industries. We frequently talk to tech leaders and participate in professional conferences to stay informed on the trends.

Fast, Accurate & Adaptive Services

We dig deeper into each focused AI domain and talent distribution to provide only the best candidates for your AI talent needs. Our rigorous matching process ensures the highest efficiency in talent acquisition. We adjust quickly to any shifts in company structures and talent requirements.

Huge AI Talent Pool

As the largest AI-focused integrated talent development platform in the U.S., TalentSeer is connected to more than 30,000 researchers and engineers working in AI-related fields. We attract AI talent with high-quality leadership, entrepreneurship and tech content in partnership with Robin.ly, a platform & community for engineers and researchers.

What we do

Our Deliverables

AI Talent Acquisition

We specialize in sourcing talent in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, computer vision, robotics, recommender system and more.

Executive Search

Our executive search provides a tailored solution to help clients build exceptional tech leadership teams focusing on CTOs, VPs of engineering, chief scientists and more.

Market Research

We conduct customized industry talent distribution research, competitor analysis, and arrange senior talent meetings to help clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the ideal candidates or plan ahead for future business expansion.

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Our Clients

We partner with over 100 clients in the U.S. covering major industries integrating AI technologies, including autonomous driving, financial services, robotics, internet services, big data, hardware, conversational AI, etc.

We've helped clients of varied sizes grow their AI workforce, from filling key machine learning roles, to sourcing high-level tech leaders and building an entire team. Over the past year, we've filled more than 100 challenging AI positions.
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TalentSeer team supported our growing start-up from a very early stage. They were able to partner with our executive team, create a strategy and provide key guidance through their own team building and hiring experience. They were quick and efficient in both the search in providing and scheduling stellar candidates for our team. They were able to portray and share our company in great light to peak the candidates interest and share our company culture. When we realized we had to adjust the scope of the role, the TalentSeer team reacted quickly to support our initiatives.

Julien Cromer
LUCI, Head of People

TalentSeer has the domain knowledge necessary to provide the clients the source of candidates. They also understand the needs of the clients to further narrow down the candidate list. After getting the needed talent, they continue to support clients to ensure the performance of the new hires. TalentSeer is a great partner for your business if you need to grow your team effectively and quickly.

Robert zhang
CloudMinds, Cofounder, President & CEO of US Office

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