12 Tips For Online Interviews During The Coronavirus Outbreak




March 6, 2020

TalentSeer has been talking to many clients and candidates these past few weeks regarding recruiting strategies given the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Our guidance is first and foremost to stay safe, stay positive and know that companies continue to recruit and candidates continue to interview through formats such as online video platforms. The Coronavirus may have a lasting impact on the workplace, preparation, adaptability, and abundance of caution is key during this unsettling time. 

We have seen a dramatic rise in video interviewing as many companies are encouraging employees to work from home. Google has moved all job interviews to hangouts for the foreseeable future, Amazon and Facebook are conducting remote interviews.       

See below top tips for talent leaders and candidates including resources to prepare you and your teams during this time.

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Tips For Talent Leader_Online Interviews During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips for Talent Leaders

  1. Align your team on any changes to the interview format, including video interviews, scheduling, etc. In times of change, it is important to communicate and align often especially when modifying a structured process.  

  1. Communicate with your candidates; if your company has a site shut down and remote only policy let your candidates know and advise on your new interview process.  

  1. Software & hardware check. Ensure you have a solid and stable video platform to conduct online interviews - more information on top platforms can be found here.

  1. Spend time with your team on how to conduct effective video interviews. Top tips include; prepare interviewers on how to make candidates feel comfortable, outlining the interview process including a reasonable interview time frame, typically the length of a video interview is shorter than in person. Establish a backup plan with the candidate in case of a poor connection.  

  1. Engineering interviews - Technical assessment. For online coding interviews ensure you have appropriate collaboration tools in place to enable engineers to whiteboard tech challenges/scenarios effectively. 

  1. Regroup with your team in a timely manner to assess candidates post-interview and decisions on the next steps. Given that the interviews are being completed virtually candidates may look for further and specific feedback in the absence of an in-person experience. 

Tips For Candidates _Online Interviews During The Coronavirus Outbreak
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Top Tips For Candidates

  1. Don’t pause your interview process. Continue to follow up diligently with your recruiter regarding any changes to the interview process.  Delays in scheduling are likely to occur as the hiring teams are adjusting to new interview formats and schedules. Candidates who are collaborative and adaptive to the changing process can gain a strong advantage over their peers.

  1. Prepare for a professional setting and outfit for the video interview. Make sure all devices (laptop, headphones, camera, lights, internet connection, etc.) are set up properly and tested before the interview. Dress in business attire as on-site interviews, and don’t forget to “dress up” your internet profile with a proper user name and profile picture. Read further for great tips on preparing and setting up for video interviews.


  1. Maintain a professional appearance during the video interview with body languages. You are presented only through a small window, so it is important to maintain good eye contact and use necessary hand gestures to engage your interviewers. Speak clearly and be prepared to repeat phrases or questions as you may experience technical difficulties.

  1. Always follow up post-interview to thank the team as per onsite interviews. Take clear notes of the names and titles of your interviewers during the conversation as you would not have the opportunity to collect their business cards. Learn more on how to write an interview thank you email.  

  1. Be resourceful and adaptable to build your professional networks during this unique period of time. With the lack of opportunities to meet with people in person at professional events, think creatively and take advantage of online resources and virtual meetups to expand your network. 

  1. Don’t forget to turn off your camera and exit the platform once the interview is complete! You don’t want to be the next internet sensation!

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