AI Talent News Roundup - 2020 February Part 2




February 20, 2020

This is TalentSeer’s AI News Roundup for the second half of February 2020. You can find the most relevant and recent news about AI talent, aimed specifically at tech leaders, VCs, and members of the AI field. Subscribe here to receive these roundups twice a month via email. 

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VMware Cuts 211 Jobs, Including Executives From Its Edge Computing and Internet of Things Division

VMware Cuts 211 Jobs - AI Talent News Roundup 2020 February Part 2
Source: VMware

The cloud computing and software organization, VMware, will be laying off its Chief Technology Officer for Edge Computing and the Internet of Things, along with two vice presidents and two directors within the same area. VMware spokesperson Michael Thacker explained that these cuts were part of a “regular workforce rebalancing” initiative. Executives are not the only employees being cut either; the company announced that overall 211 people will lose their jobs at its Palo Alto headquarters. [Read More]

Intel Among Other Tech Companies Such as Google Cloud and EBay to Lay off Employees at the Start of the Year

Intel Among Other Tech Companies Lay off Employees - AI Talent News Roundup - 2020 February Part 2

Starting on March 31, Intel has announced that it will be laying off 129 staff members from four of its headquarter locations in Santa Clara to “eliminate roles associated with projects that are no longer priorities”. Several other tech companies have also been cutting jobs. Google Cloud is laying off less than 50 employees and EBay is laying off 102 employees, both for organizational changes. Quora is cutting around 50 employees to sustain business growth, and Zume is cutting around 400 jobs (80% workforce) due to financial constraints. [Read More]

US Department of Labor Collaborates With North Carolina State University to Provide $6 Million Grant to Support 5,000 Workers for AI Apprenticeships 

US Department of Labor Provides $6 Million Grant to Support 5,000 Workers for AI Apprenticeships - AI Talent News Roundup 2020 February Part 2

The US Department of Labor has announced that it will be supporting 5,000 workers with training, college coursework, and the certification to work in the AI field, by providing a four year $6 million project, led by North Carolina State University. The project is designed to assist IT and AI employees across the US through its government-supported academia and industry partnerships. Randy Woodson, the NC State Chancellor said that “this grant will fuel collaboration between industry and education, create new on-the-job training for students and play an important role in workforce development”. [Read More]

Microsoft Plans to Hire Engineering Talent for Its New Development Center in Noida, India

Microsoft Plans to Hire Engineering Talent for Its New Development Center in Noida, India - AI Talent News Roundup 2020 February Part 2

Microsoft has announced that it will be hiring new engineering talent for its recently opened innovation hub and development center in Noida. In a statement, Microsoft explained that “the center will build on Microsoft's commitment to tap India's world-class engineering talent to create solutions for global impact”. The center will house some of Microsoft’s AI and Research groups, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Experience & Devices Group, and Core Services Engineering and Operations. [Read More]

Daniele Magazzeni, Senior Lecturer for AI at King’s College London, Joins JPMorgan as an Executive Director in AI Research for its London Hub

source: Researchgate

JPMorgan has hired Daniele Magazzeni, a senior lecturer for AI at King’s College London, as their executive director in AI research for their London Hub. This comes just one week after JPMorgan opened their new London Machine Learning Centre for Excellence, which is focused on creating and sharing Machine Learning solutions for the business sector. JPMorgan is still currently in the process of hiring new people, noting that it is looking for people with either a Masters or PhD in relevant areas, but that it could be open to taking on graduates with just Bachelors degrees. [Read More]

Japjit Tulsi, Former Engineering VP for EBay and Partner Engineer for Microsoft, Is Appointed CTO of Matterport

Japjit Tulsi Is Appointed CTO of Matterport - AI Talent News Roundup 2020 February Part 2
Japjit Tulsi, Chief Technology Officer of Matterport. Source: Matterport

3D capturing technology firm Matterport has appointed Japjit Tulsi as their Chief Technology Officer. Japjit has extensive experience with data-science and SaaS businesses, and prior to this, worked as an Engineering Partner for Microsoft and was VP of Engineering at EBay. Within his new role, Japjit will be handling the day-to-day leadership of Matterport’s product as well as its engineering teams to help forward the company’s technical vision. [Read More]

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