AI Talent News Roundup May 2020 Part 1




May 1, 2020

This is TalentSeer’s AI News Roundup for the first half of May 2020. You can find the most relevant and recent news about AI talent, aimed specifically at tech leaders, VCs, and members of the AI field. Subscribe here to receive these roundups twice a month via email.

John Martinis, Google’s Top Quantum Scientist, Discusses Why He Left

Source: UC Santa Barbara

Forbes’ Paul Smith-Goodson recently published the transcript of his interview with quantum scientist, John Martinis. He has been working at Google’s Quantum AI Lab and has been credited with several of the company’s historic quantum achievements. According to Martinis, he left due to tension within the hardware group, but he still wishes the best to his team and everyone else at Google. [Read More]

Lyft’s Vice President of Science, Elizabeth Stone, Joins Video-streaming Service, Netflix

Source: LinkedIn

Netflix recently hired Elizabeth Stone as their Vice President of Data Science and Engineering. Previously, Stone led a science team of more than 200 people for almost 2 years at Lyft. She also had been Chief Operating Officer for the healthcare data & analytics solution company, Nuna Inc. [Read More]

Apple’s First-Ever Director of AI Research, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, has Left the Company

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

Ruslan “Russ” Salakhutdinov rejoins Carnegie Mellon University full-time. Salakhutdinov has an extensive background in deep learning and some of his former AI students had joined his team at Apple after graduation. He had joined Apple in 2016 and was part of the team in charge of fixing long-standing issues with the Siri digital assistant. [Read More]

AI Research Lab, OpenAI, Hires Former Uber Senior Researcher and Professor, Kenneth Stanley

Source: Aidpreneur

Kenneth Stanley announced on Twitter that he will be joining AI research laboratory, OpenAI. Stanley used to be a senior research manager at Uber and a computer science professor at the University of Central Florida. Stanley will be starting at OpenAI in June and will be in charge of creating a new team focused on machine learning. [Read More]

Healthcare AI company, Jvion, Appoints Jay Deady as the New CEO

Source: Healthcare IT News

As a leader in clinical AI, Jvion has made several changes amidst the pandemic. With 30 years of Healthcare IT experience, Jay Deady succeeds the company founder Shantanu Nigam as CEO. Nigam instead will become the Executive Chairman of the Board. [Read More]

Josh Beard to Lead Federal Sales For Labelbox, a Training Data Platform

Source: Labelbox

Due to increasing US government demand for AI, Labelbox has announced a new team focused on AI and machine learning initiatives at the federal level. Beard has over 20 years of federal sales experience with various companies such as Markforged, IBM, VMware, Appdynamics, and BMC Software. [Read More]

Cable and Broadband Provider, Spectrum, Shifts to Virtual Hiring

Source: Spectrum

Before the pandemic, Spectrum who currently employs 95,000 people had been utilizing virtual hiring technology for 25% of it’s new hires. Within a week, the company has shifted to 100% virtual hiring efforts. Jennifer Tracy, Spectrum’s Vice President of Recruiting Solutions, expects a further expansion of AI in hiring efforts and remote working to continue after the pandemic ends. [Read More]

Layoffs in Technology Startups Continue to Increase has introduced a Coronavirus tracker in which people seeking job opportunities can see companies still hiring and recruiters could find recently laid off employees within their industry. So far, there are 349 startups with layoffs listed and 34,178 recently laid off employees. Magic Leap and Matterport are 2 of the startups who have announced major layoffs. However, startups are not the only companies in the technology industry to announce major cuts in the workforce. Uber’s CTO has resigned as reports come out that the ride-sharing service will be laying off 5,400 employees. While Lyft and TripAdvisor laid off more than 900 of their employees.[Read More]

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