Making the Right Career Move: How to Assess A Startup Offer? Diversity Career Coaching Meetup




March 4, 2020

How to assess a startup offer - TalentSeer & Women In Big Data - Diversity & Inclusion career meetup

High-tech startups in Silicon Valley are offering exciting career opportunities every day. While getting a startup job offer can be exhilarating and relieving, accepting a startup offer would require careful evaluation of the whole package - compensation, equity, benefits, responsibilities, risks, and long-term pay-off. It is important to understand exactly what a startup offer entails to make the right career move.

This meetup co-hosted by TalentSeer | and Women In Big Data convened leaders in AI and Big Data to share the essential knowledge and valuable experience for assessing startup employment offer. This event is also part of TalentSeer's career coaching series aiming to support diversity and inclusion in AI.

How to assess a startup offer - TalentSeer & Women In Big Data - Diversity & Inclusion career meetup
A Diverse Group of Participants at TalentSeer X WiBD Meetup (12/5/2019, Sunnyvale, CA)

Part 1. How to Assess A Startup Offer: Lorry Tang @ TalentSeer

Lorry Tang, Director of Talent Acquisition at TalentSeer, provided a comprehensive introduction of how to evaluate startups and job offer packages. Key topics covered include:

  • Assess a startup opportunity - why startups fail
  • Different stages of startups and challenges
  • Components of a startup offer
  • How to calculate your stock options
  • How to compare startup offers with corporates

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Part 2. Panel discussion: Lessons Learned & What to Expect

Experienced leaders in AI and Big Data had a powerful discussion on what can be expected with a startup offer and their own career experience. Panel speakers include:

  • Tina Kung, VP of product @ IngageApp
  • Brianna Swanson, Director, People Ops @ Kindred
  • Sena Zorlu, Investment Associate @ Kubera Venture Capital
  • Margaret Laffan, VP of Business Development @ TalentSeer (Moderator)

Key questions being discussed include:

  • What are the important factors to consider when making a decision to move from corporate to startup? 
  • What are the biggest challenges you found in startups as compared to corporates?
  • How do you evaluate and prioritize different factors (base pay, equity, bonus, health care, retirement plans, transportation costs, schedule flexibility) in a package?
  • What do you see being more important factors when it comes to early-stage vs. experienced professionals?
  • How to negotiate a package that is below market/expectation?
  • How to become more competitive to get a startup job?

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About Women In Big Data Partnership

Women in Big Data is a 14K+ global organization aimed at inspiring, connecting, and championing the success of women in big data. The partnership has a particular commitment towards organizing exclusive events that facilitate career advancement in AI for underrepresented groups.  We believe that starting this type of conversations, learning from each other, educating ourselves, and keeping an open mindset will help more women to transition into and grow in AI and Big Data fields and bring more diversity into the tech space. Read the blog by Margaret Laffan to learn more about TalentSeer's initiatives on diversity and inclusion.

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